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Play with him for New Year holidays.

As he played a glass bottle, I was careful when dangerous.
As I did it a little and have begun to play a glass bottle again
In addition, I was hit when careful.
Saying it is saying "oneself has it stolen, and the unpleasant thing is not good for a person"
Have been angry slightly seriously; ...
I who let you play in the place with the glass bottle am ... in being bad
It really thinks of him afterwards to have thought
Were you angry?
Because you were hit, were you angry?
The latter feels strong and is a state of "the ogre eggplant" for me
I hated it by oneself a little strictly when there was not the deep love
It was New Year holiday.
                Nom de plume K

A Happy New Year!

Hello, it is Nagai!
A Happy New Year
I would like ... this year to all people
... which I was worried about for some time for New Year holidays
Golden mask of the Egypt exhibition pharaoh
I went to watch this!
Sense ... which is drawn at the moment when I saw it
I brighten eyes and watch it
And what was surprised at thought that made a pyramid using people of the slave, but ...
It means that people of the country get a salary properly and made it! \ (◎ o ◎) /! Surprised!
(there seems to be the faith to God, too)
By the way, I did it in forest arts center gallery of Roppongi,
The ochazuke which I ate at a Roppongi station is frightful! It was delicious
In the ochazuke which I ate, it is the first with the commanding lead so far!
Everybody, please eat, too ((laugh) coming with stock another helping)
It is a shop "not to get chazuke"
So that everybody has good luck this year. . .   To be continued

It is already winter

It is hello mountain G
It was the latter half in November and when one year was early, I came to feel it and did it
Mountain G rattled for sensitivity to cold every year every year very much at the end of the autumn, but was days to break a sweat without its readily beginning this year
If think very much this year that is a mild winter; ・・
It became the double chin just recently. ・・ which noticed that it was pointed out the shock in this and put on a natural coat
Mountain G is too late, but is attention to subcutaneous fat in the everybody winter
Changing the subject, it is past the ninth month of pregnancy now, and maternity leave contains mountain G soon
It is cover shiteitadaitekokomadekoremashita in all of bits in mountain G which cannot move with the pregnancy and overweight smoothly
It is the thing that I am very thankful for
It is over for one year, and I look forward to the continued enjoyment of your favor if omoi imasudeha comes back when I become excellent mother and want to come home                                  Mountain G

I went for an employee trip

It was the Kanagawa area this year. It is every year, but it falls on a wedding anniversary and goes or does not go or is a choice of the distress.
The trip with all is once a year. The wedding anniversary is October once a year in ... and every year, too. However, I went for a trip this year. I bought a lot of souvenirs to a family and enjoyed it well. Yokohama, Kamakura and Yokosuka.
The visiting naval ports of Yokosuka was the best. Recommended. I may say the day before naval review, and many warships assemble in full force. It was the best part. If there is an opportunity, you go, and please see it. I was content very much to be able to buy the fresh fish cheaply.
In addition, the night is a great banquet. The next year is wife and ... A thought and others pattern surely goes this for an employee trip.
 It was S field

School festival♪

I went for the school festival of the old school the other day.
Announcements of various displays and dances
It was fun. In addition, as a lot of branches looked delicious in various ways, too
Eat, and eat again, and eat once again; and ...
I have eaten much.
Still graduate, and is half a year, but student naradehano
When there were pleasure and daily life, I felt it.
As the time passes in no time,
To try so hard that I can spend time happily every day
It was 1st when I thought.
               Nom de plume Y.K
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