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Net cafe after a long absence

I went to the net cafe after a long absence to make a document of the blog with a PC
Though a meteorite fell to Russia on February 15, 1,000 injured people by the explosion seemed to exceed it!
When a meteorite converts the probability equal to the person into ... public lottery though I heard it somewhere than a public lottery hits most if low saying that a meteorite hit indirectly, I think that it is establishment as second-class, or the third prize hit.
I want to tell people who have had an injury about a visit, but think that a public lottery wants you to hit than a meteorite if oneself hits
It has taken time a little to drive the above-mentioned contents
I touched the keyboard and intended to buy even a PC after a long absence
     <nom de plume> 2511

PARTIII during the general affairs girl break

Good evening♪
Snacks of the recent general affairs girl are ... these♪
Chocolate & cookie of Hokkaido * ROKKATEI
The chocolate is different in a color every taste and it becomes like gradation and seems to be very somewhat stylish
The cookie is also delicious, too!
Even ...
Such; is like this, and is energy charging Mainichi with sweets
We are cold, but let's do our best every day tomorrow!

Class reunion

There was the first class reunion in 12 years last month
Because it was a secretary, various attention was great, but were able to spend a happy time
Most people came to the second party, and the happy time was instant, and it passed.
It is the plan five years later on the next time
) that I want to spend time with health every day to be able to participate)
     <nom de plume> T H

Student council election

Good evening
In a bit, there is a child entering by a part-time job in the children of the student.
He/she does his/her best seriously!
It is from such him
Another one month is going to pass after it was 2013.
By the way, student council election was held the other day at school.
It is ... after election
I was selected as student council's chairperson
We have the school festival once in three years in about June of this year and it is great time, but wants to try it hard to be able to pull all of the student!
It is the season when attention is necessary for influenza or snow, but please live carefully every day still more.
Then at the next opportunity
     <nom de plume> HY

I went to the Kawaba-mura road station

A Happy New Year.
I went out to the road station of Kawaba-mura to play the other day.
However, I was sorry that all facilities were not open by saying the winter season
In addition, I go to visit it if it becomes warm and want to go to the experience-based section.
From there, went to nearest hotel SL, but SL is displayed according to the name there, this is closure ... during the winter season, too
However, SL to see close is powerful and wants to take it by all means if I come on the next time
In closing, a cold day continues, and there is the snow of several centimeters on 14th on the other day, and it will be almost winter from now on still more, but, please be careful enough, too
     <nom de plume> makun
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Cutting tool

Brazing byte, total model byte
I put a molding byte, a groove, and a circle works part-time
Slotter byte
Hale processing byte
Slow away tip
Molding tip, total model tip
Special throw away tip
Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
Cutter blade, cutter blade
Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
Punch dice suritta
Roll centerless blade
Carp ring pin wire line guide
Brazing parts
The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant

Design, production, sale of the special machine tool
Improvement suggestion of the knife
Cutting, abrasion processing of precision parts
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