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Hot spring

It was a co-worker, and it was provoked for several years by ○○ of the friend and came to go to the one-day hot spring.
Gunma went to Nasu of Nagano, Yamanashi, Tochigi from the start.
As go the lower way without always using the expressway, around 100km suffers from Shirahone Onsen of Nagano by a mountain path from the city of Matsumoto when performed it, considerably far-off
There were many cars of the outside the prefecture number in Shirahone Onsen concerning celebrity.
The hot spring was hot water muddy white, but a body was the hot spring which did not warm even if it was considerably lukewarm and entered for around one hour.
And the hot spring was not that good, but we stop at sunlight Lake Chuzenji for ... return, and we hide it, and let's eat a trout when we went to Nasu! Called this it is expected, and after entering the shop, and ordering it, always provide it ...; is small; hide it, and there is not a trout, big; had hid it, and serve it ... that there was only a trout♪
It was tasty and it was very delicious and overate myself, and I got carsick in the way back, and it was tough
There were various kinds, but are a good memory.
In addition, I am going to go to some one-day hot spring!
by: (N.N)... emergency stop button ...

It is September at last


It has been another September, but is hotter, nice to meet you, it is Shimizu.


I went to eat chipped ice of the natural ice to Nagatoro. But the weather on Saturday, September 1 is delicate


Nagatoro is more coolly and sometimes intense

It is waiting for two and a half hours when are more than double in sitting at the seat if I usually wait for around one hour, and having been able to have deliciously

Though I sit at the seat by all means because I went with much effort and wanted to have deliciously, I give it up

I ate chipped ice of the business that I took away. But the same nature ice. I disappeared gently when I put it in the mouth. It was delicious.

As I could go to Nagatoro in around two hours, I have arrived while I talked with a friend. So I am going to go to eat at hot time again next year.



Let's reach delicious autumn for the physical condition management that the lingering summer heat seems to follow still more carefully


I did roasted meat


(>_<) where I made roasted meat using a clay charcoal stove

(-_-;) which the roasted meat with the clay charcoal stove while I was drenched with sweat while it was hot seemed to be different from the barbecue again and a stomach became severe and has eaten deliciously

It used the clay charcoal stove for the first time, but it was good that both the preparation and the rear charge account were easily possible


Nom de plume

White cube

Hell Tanino monkey Land

The wild monkey which plays in a hot spring
Cute young monkeys
 It is mysterious, but the monkeys here watch it and do not get tired at all.
 A monkey passes the very front. Mind a human being; but there is not it, and flatter it with bait; but there is not it, and threaten it; but there is not it, and adapt itself to it in scenery. I make grooming and frisk and quarrel and swim in a hot spring and carry young monkeys on my back, and there is the monkey which is naturally in front.
 The monkeys do not seem to be interested in a human being by following these rules that "I do not feed a meal not to touch not to threaten".
 I was able to understand strangely.           (N.K.B.B)

It is summer vacation

I express summer greeting card.
A hot day continues, how is everybody getting along every day?
Summer vacation measures (laugh) ... of power saving, heat stroke measures, my boys
We take the hydration well, and let's survive hot summer.
The bit is closed this weekend from August 11 to 16th, too.
Where does everybody go?
All of you that you are watching are careful about an injury and an accident with blog, and become the pleasant vacation.
It was an origin of reason
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