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Become cold; better seed {(-_-)}

I went to a last Marunuma fishing line.
The most point seems to be good today from morning.
I got 56 male rainbow trouts when I thought of such a thing.
It was fishing, but there was the fishing that the autumn colors were beautiful, and was good only in the morning.
I expected it and returned again next year.
(^_^) which was ^_^ MT

License challenge

Hello, it is M893.
It came to be strongly cold in the evening in the morning recently.
Does a cold not fall sick?
By the way, it is every oneself, but I will remember youth soon and intend to challenge the large-scale qualification of the motorcycle
Should be able to acquire it by a blow, but ...
I report the result later!

Professional wrestling

Kensuke Sasaki of the professional wrestler who participated in marathon as couple parent and child by round-the-clock television of Nippon Television seems to come to the junior high school gymnasium of the neighboring town this year!
So I want to go!
by: I.Y

Part II(^^)v during the general affairs girl break

Today's snacks this (sho eating again)
It is the cake which I came across in karinto steamed bun ... this year of Aoyagi.
There is a store in Oma, the Kiryu area, and it is an opportunity that I had to a relative.
Has everybody that you are watching eaten blog? Delicious.
If there are one, the opportunity when have not eaten; by all means!
When warm it with an oven a little, and eat, still more delicious v v
【∞】 v which was an origin of reason

It is v under general affairs girl break

The pleasure of the break is ..., this.
Eat sweets, and drink slightly bitter coffee; ten minutes.
I enjoy chocolate of chocolate, ROKKATEI of Lloyd's recently.
Hokkaido cake of high quality comes up concerning Hokkaido native place an origin of reason.
The Belgian chocolate of the Goto eaves is delicious (in being a curry person.)
It is delicious happy time to have a lively conversation.
A break is over very much very much (!) ゞ
Energy supply completion!
Well, I work!
I'll do my best!
■Business item
Cutting tool

Brazing byte, total model byte
I put a molding byte, a groove, and a circle works part-time
Slotter byte
Hale processing byte
Slow away tip
Molding tip, total model tip
Special throw away tip
Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
Cutter blade, cutter blade
Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
Punch dice suritta
Roll centerless blade
Carp ring pin wire line guide
Brazing parts
The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant

Design, production, sale of the special machine tool
Improvement suggestion of the knife
Cutting, abrasion processing of precision parts
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