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A trip act came!


I went for a trip slightly before to Hida Takayama in 2 days and 1 night!

The weather on the day is clear! I went to the destination while enjoying the drive!

The plan on the first day is walk of the old cityscape called the town of Takayama.

Actually, the town was very beautiful, and they were tasteful when they said!

There was a lot of appetizing local brew when I saw it and has bought it carelessly!

I had the dinner which was full of Hida beef afterwards toward the planned guest house to stay at on the day.

Hida beef uma!

I am surprised at the excessive softness!

Such; was like this, and finished the first day, and, on the second day, finally went to Shirakawa-go of the favorite!

As it is said to be a world heritage, it is a word of overpowering!

I realized again each while being impressed by the courteousness of the finish of one house when a Japanese was great.

When not only I went for a trip and enjoyed it, but also knew wisdom and the skill of the old person, it was studied and was at all a substantial trip!

Craftsmanship of Japanese people includes a thing to be impressed by.

I do not know whether oneself can become such a craftsman, but want to still try work hard to bring it close to it!


Nom de plume rice

Neighboring noodle shop

Bamboo steamer soba
tokkaratoritsuke soba in soup
There is a noodle shop in the neighborhood.
Even if say a neighborhood, here is an out-of-the-way place of Gunma. I go down the mountain and am 3km earlier……
I did not like a side in particular, but am a mysterious noodle shop thinking that I want to eat only this side again when I eat once. The calm jazz which drifts in the fragrance of the side, a smooth feeling, the juice which worked of the soup stock, taste depth and a shop. Wonderful.
Made shin installation soba in soup (this ate most), a bell and, mushroom soba, there was the menu in winter in autumn in duck south soba, a season of Shimonita leek, too and, let alone bamboo steamer soba, was able to enjoy cold Kake soba throughout the year in Bukkake soba, the summer. The Toshikoshi soba was taken care of, too.
During four years, regular customers increased surely after I began to go. I renewed the shop, and the parking lots increased, too. It is taken up in a magazine and a gourmet book of the soba, and the shop is crowded whenever I go. The other prefectures number stands out in the parking lot, too. I was glad that I saw a neighboring noodle shop propering, too.
However, this noodle shop closes at a limit this month. Why is Gahn?
There were too many visitors and seems to have surpassed Capa of the storekeeper.
I thought whether there was such a thing, but there was heaviness because it was the word of the master who hit such the delicious soba. The person has various lives.
It is full more, and can you go to that neighboring good noodle shop?   (N.K.B.B)

Beloved daughter


It is Usuda good evening.

I have a daughter becoming an eleventh grader.

I entered the brass band club with junior high school entrance to school.

It was not quality that I could play in front of other people, but, by the encouragement of the teacher and friends who hit instruction, I blew on the result with the exercise, the clarinet which made a melody magnificently now day and night again and, in the beginning, grew up so as to act as leader part

In the contest of this summer, even I who am a doting parent asking get goose bumps; was able to play it, but unfortunately the result has been over with a silver medal. . .

I pray heartily when I want you to devote to get a long-cherished gold medal for a contest of the next year for rear one year.

"The continuation is taught power" or the word when I look at the daughter, and I want to do my best, too!

Hot spring

It was a co-worker, and it was provoked for several years by ○○ of the friend and came to go to the one-day hot spring.
Gunma went to Nasu of Nagano, Yamanashi, Tochigi from the start.
As go the lower way without always using the expressway, around 100km suffers from Shirahone Onsen of Nagano by a mountain path from the city of Matsumoto when performed it, considerably far-off
There were many cars of the outside the prefecture number in Shirahone Onsen concerning celebrity.
The hot spring was hot water muddy white, but a body was the hot spring which did not warm even if it was considerably lukewarm and entered for around one hour.
And the hot spring was not that good, but we stop at sunlight Lake Chuzenji for ... return, and we hide it, and let's eat a trout when we went to Nasu! Called this it is expected, and after entering the shop, and ordering it, always provide it ...; is small; hide it, and there is not a trout, big; had hid it, and serve it ... that there was only a trout♪
It was tasty and it was very delicious and overate myself, and I got carsick in the way back, and it was tough
There were various kinds, but are a good memory.
In addition, I am going to go to some one-day hot spring!
by: (N.N)... emergency stop button ...

It is September at last


It has been another September, but is hotter, nice to meet you, it is Shimizu.


I went to eat chipped ice of the natural ice to Nagatoro. But the weather on Saturday, September 1 is delicate


Nagatoro is more coolly and sometimes intense

It is waiting for two and a half hours when are more than double in sitting at the seat if I usually wait for around one hour, and having been able to have deliciously

Though I sit at the seat by all means because I went with much effort and wanted to have deliciously, I give it up

I ate chipped ice of the business that I took away. But the same nature ice. I disappeared gently when I put it in the mouth. It was delicious.

As I could go to Nagatoro in around two hours, I have arrived while I talked with a friend. So I am going to go to eat at hot time again next year.



Let's reach delicious autumn for the physical condition management that the lingering summer heat seems to follow still more carefully

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Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
Cutter blade, cutter blade
Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
Punch dice suritta
Roll centerless blade
Carp ring pin wire line guide
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The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant

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