Inherent technique of the profile grinder

 The profile grinder is a super precision grinder having a projector for the measurement to a machine. I make the projection chart called the chart every product and, after the fashion of a chart, study hard. The dimensions clearance is work to be nervous about very much in number μm.
 I take it and can polish the work with a little dai, too. In addition, the complicated cylinder abrasion can support.
 I meet it for the shape of various requests from a visitor, dimensions precision in seven profile grinders in us.
 The processing studies hard carefully one by one while confirming it by the naked eye.
The point of a sword enlarges at 100 times
 I extend the point of a sword to 50 times and project it on the big screen. Furthermore, I can confirm it in 100 times or more when I peep out with a loupe of 2.2 times
High-precision online plotter
For projection chart making, I draw with a high-precision plotter. With cutting as a film, I support precision of μm
 Our most profile grinders become the wet process specifications. I can give the figure tolerance of the facing by processing it while sprinkling grinding fluid. In addition, I lay a big effect for a hardness drop by the heat to grind of the Heiss tool, the prevention of crack of the super hard tool, the total model molding processing of the very fragile cermet tool.
 The measurement after the processing is carried out with CNC image measuring machine. Concerning the inspection of the sharp point of a sword, I make dimensional measurement by non-contact. A CCD camera detects the edge of the knife shape and measures in CNC. I come by dimensional measurement to a 0.1μm unit including dimensions, angle, the R pace.
 In this way, a precision tool is sent to the visitor.
I cool work with the abrasion grinding fluid of the total model byte and I imitate it and study hard
I inspect it with an image measuring instrument after processing
■Business item
Cutting tool

Brazing byte, total model byte
I put a molding byte, a groove, and a circle works part-time
Slotter byte
Hale processing byte
Slow away tip
Molding tip, total model tip
Special throw away tip
Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
Cutter blade, cutter blade
Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
Punch dice suritta
Roll centerless blade
Carp ring pin wire line guide
Brazing parts
The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant

Design, production, sale of the special machine tool
Improvement suggestion of the knife
Cutting, abrasion processing of precision parts
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