Inherent technique of the brazing standardization

 Brazing (brazing) is the joining method carried out widely for a long time. I can easily touch even different kind metal to dissolve low irouo of the melting point than a base material, and to join it unlike welding to let base material itself melt.
 The brazing work is said to be work to depend on viewing and perception and the experience of the expert craftsman for.
 Digitizing, data propel becoming it to stabilize the quality of the brazing product in us. Even if I set data such as the output, time, the temperature in touch panel to a high frequency brazing machine and do it when, I do the invention that the same quality can always maintain even if who does it.
As for the state high frequency brazing machine of the brazing work, as for the work and the coil heating up on a principle of inducing and heating it, temperature rises by non-contact.
From touch panel screen here, I input various brazing conditions into every product

Principle of the high frequency induction heating used by an IH cooker

 Like the chart below, I wash down a high-frequency current (interchange electric current) to a heating coil and stock a material (cover heating thing) through the electricity.
 Then magnetic flux occurs to a coil and goes along the inside of the cover heating thing (police box magnetic flux).
 And a high-density electric current (eddy current) flows through the direction disturbing a change of the magnetic flux that occurred.
 The cover heating thing heats up in the Joule heat rapidly.
 A coil and the cover heating thing are non-contact, but it is heated up by the surface.
 It is an electromagnetic cooker (IH) to have applied this principle.
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Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
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