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Golden Week

As I am endowed, and it was weather again at the period when there is not the action limit with the first new coronavirus in 3 years for Golden Week of this year, I think that there was much which I was able to spend more happily.
Is glad without my little ones growing up all too soon, and a friend being given priority to over a family this year, and it being possible for the family barbecue that is prepared; is lonely; ...
On the last day in GW, the eldest son went together and went on a hike to the waterfall of a wife and 3 steps in Nanmoku-mura said to be the best aging rate in Japan in three people.
From the entrance of the waterfall, I arrive in about less than 30 minutes, but am comfortable when I walk while hearing the sound of the river while feeling the dazzling fresh green.
I feel happy at all when I eat a lunch while bathing enough in an anion while hearing the sound that water of nature drifts to while looking at the pure water dripping down from a waterfall.
The real thing is much better than I see it in a waterfall, the photograph of 3 steps. A heart is healed. It is unexpectedly easy and is a little-known spot.

It was T.Y.

In spring

It became warm
Two new employees begin a bit, and new wind blows
Home kept the group planting of the fleshy plant which fitted in into the children who left from last year, too and saw it off.
When I was choked at tired time, it should become healing
Let's go while taking a rest well
It was O.


It came to seem to be spring considerably
I went to watch the dance presentation of the grandchild of a child and the friend of the younger sister on Sunday.
All shined.
It was very good.


Mountain climbing

Hello, everybody.
I went to Mount Akagi with a friend after a long absence.
I went by a route to climb from black Noboru Hiyama Yamaguchi this time.
As distance is short and can relatively easily go up to Mount Akagi, but this route is unexpectedly sloping,
It is practiced having good crampons walk.
As it was the precious snowy mountains, the snowy mountains trained with a friend with 12 crampons and ice ax.
As for the descent, there was the loose course of the slant to descend a mountain via Mt. Komagatake, but I served as an exercise and descended a mountain from the same course.
Enjoy the scenery only in the snowy mountains, comfortable; was able to climb a mountain.

Then, it was 0 fields.

I began winter sports

Everybody hello. How are you getting along?
It was provoked in oneself hatoiuto these days by a friend and began snowboarding.
You fell, but did you become able to gradually slip at the start? It is a place in this.
As it becomes the stress emission when I move the body, the motivation of the work seems to go up, too.
I do not know whether you are good for another several times of this term, but want to practice with effort.
Finally please spend time in everybody physical condition carefully.
Nom de plume S.O
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