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The book which I read recently


Everybody with blog that you are watching, It's been a long time. It is an origin of reason. 〈∞〉/

New Corona rages all over the world, and it is hard to be true to be able to know medical personnel supported hard in various places that it is infected and is felt hard, a family, the news to change every day in various places of the government office, and a head falls down to Japan. What will happen in future. You refrain from the Tokyo Olympics and should return to usual daily life early. Let's do that we can do it first of all. Hand-washing, a gargle, ventilation, I will have it diligently.


I introduce the book which I read recently.

Is it love at first sight in a title in a bookstore? I read for three stretches. It was the book which manufacturing came to like more.

The person who is interested in one, manufacturing engaged in manufacturing. Interesting. Recommended.


The aim of this year is 30.

It was an aim of the last year, but was not able to be actually accomplished. So this year is 30 books, too. For the lunch break, I am reading for a break at 3:00.

As it is a housewife for the time being, and a grandchild comes to play when I go home and is not readily readable. Coffee and reading [time

There is it

It is hello Shino
Everybody lets be; of the potato do eat?The mark that is a red end
I eat just just sweetsBrilliant heart
Of other day mother and the shopping mall
"A certain thing"
It was about to be over this for a guide.
As for the name
"Super Jumbo parfait"The face which I was surprised at

Of what that this is huge again…
Feeling of coercion of the parfait before about five was greatThe face which I was surprised at
It is slightly uneasy strange diseases are popular, and to go out and feels recentlyThe face which seems to be uneasy
The trip with mother is called off and feels only absentminded that it is inconvenient

When it is the feeling that is minus, I eat a delicious thing and
I do my favorite things as far as I can do it, and mind and body are the things which there wants to be with health togetherIs colorful; shiningly

Haruna Bairin

 All of you, hello with blog that you are watchingRed exclamation mark
I ran in the neighborhood of Haruna Bairin with friends a little the other day.The right arrow (red) which turns to the top
Gunma is famous Plumas a production center of the plum
"Akima Bairin" "Haruna Bairin" "Misato Bairin"
It is called ゛ Gunma three large Bairin ".Shiningly
Is said to be the record mild winterThe sun, but still more
The bud seemed to be hard.The face which is delighted at which winked
Still the scenery is good at the end of nature, too
I felt very refreshing.The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
In addition, I want to go together if it becomes when a flower bloomsThree exclamation marks (balloon)
                     It was M book

Memory with father

I would like it this year in 2020.
Father dies at me, the end of the year and cannot inform it of the New Year because I am in mourning. In te ji, it is such a start.
Though there was the consideration to another person, my father was the person who did not change when I said it once in contrary people.
I was taken to a mountain and the river in a childhood, and I hated it in those days.
But when even if a group and fishing went now that they became an adult, you might do it this way with father and did fishing
It becomes the good memory.
I of the youngest child had probably you love it most in three brothers and got much love.
Inherit this happiness to own children, sometime from own child
I am glad if sometimes said to be a good memory with father.
                             Mortar Ⅾ

Is the fortune of this year ...?

 Hello, it is mountain G. It was 2020Shiningly
How would about 2019 of everybody?The mark that is a red end
I was operated on in one year in poor physical condition.Whey-face
During slightly longish hospitalization the various places of the bit
I came for a visit in a stream.The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
As I was absentmindedSleep mark without doing it, a usual face is seen
I remember that I was glad.Note
 A Shinto shrine can finish going, prayer in the New Year; and as for "this yearRed exclamation mark"
When is fired up, and pull a The right arrow (yellow) which turns to the toppaper fortune, good luck
Red exclamation mark and question mark"I finish the healthy luck disease ... lightly"
... naki which seems to get sick even if lightTears
Everybody is careful about physical condition, too and is fun in one year of this year
Please spend timeThree exclamation marks (balloon)
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