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Local good place

Everybody hello
 Before a little was talked, but the Bon vacation went home in Niigata
When I returned to the parents' house
I like that I stroll in the rice field way around the house
It is good to look at the setting sun in the sea nearby
I think that it is a local good place that there is such a scenery
I was able to spend a holiday leisurely while touching it naturally
The summer heat begins to calm down recently, too,
Morning and evening and the cool came to be felt
As the turn of the seasons becomes easy to fall sick
Everybody is careful about a body, too, and please spend time

All of you hello


All of you hello.



I went to Niigata in families in Bon vacation.


I dropped in at an aquarium and the sea, and a good holiday could spend time, and a pleasant memory was possible again.Is colorful; shiningly


This was the first time that I went to the sea in families and bathed in shallows, but a feeling was good, and the scenery of the horizon was the best above all.

It is over, and the rest will change a feeling again from now on, too and wants to try work hard.



The long rainy season is over and became the almost summer heat at a stretch, but, please be careful as heat severe still more will continue from now on.


Oh, I crossed it and did it.

News of the Bon vacation

Hello, everyone!
August begins, and a hotter day continues, how do you have it?
The schedule of the Bon vacation of the bit
From 12 to 16 on August
It becomes in this.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like it.

Heat stroke measures for oneself

It became the temperature that could realize hot summer in here these days. It is T S after a long absence.

I decided to exercise concerning the making of body which heat stroke does not have outside in this summer, but humidity, temperature is too high, and it is about to be for heat stroke at a stage of the physical training than I thought.The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled

I move an air conditioner hard at home to get a grip, and not to fall down in this summer and want to survive hydration.Shiningly

Recent hobby

Hello! It fits in recently to collect a certain thing.
It...It is "a fountain pen"The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
I likedShiningly writing a picture and a letter, and after writing it, and being looking for a good pen of the taste, I arrived at a fountain pen.
As the ink of the favorite color is put in the fountain pen of the favorite design and I write it by a maker and a country of origin and am different in taste, I try it in various ways, and book kiosuruto is fun!The right arrow (yellow) which turns to the topIs colorful; shiningly
Also, a person using the fountain pen casually is cool!The face that eyes become the heartTwo heart
Does everybody not find the one of the favorites, too?It is good (a palm this side)
S wisteria
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