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Memory with father

I would like it this year in 2020.
Father dies at me, the end of the year and cannot inform it of the New Year because I am in mourning. In te ji, it is such a start.
Though there was the consideration to another person, my father was the person who did not change when I said it once in contrary people.
I was taken to a mountain and the river in a childhood, and I hated it in those days.
But when even if a group and fishing went now that they became an adult, you might do it this way with father and did fishing
It becomes the good memory.
I of the youngest child had probably you love it most in three brothers and got much love.
Inherit this happiness to own children, sometime from own child
I am glad if sometimes said to be a good memory with father.
                             Mortar Ⅾ

Is the fortune of this year ...?

 Hello, it is mountain G. It was 2020Shiningly
How would about 2019 of everybody?The mark that is a red end
I was operated on in one year in poor physical condition.Whey-face
During slightly longish hospitalization the various places of the bit
I came for a visit in a stream.The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
As I was absentmindedSleep mark without doing it, a usual face is seen
I remember that I was glad.Note
 A Shinto shrine can finish going, prayer in the New Year; and as for "this yearRed exclamation mark"
When is fired up, and pull a The right arrow (yellow) which turns to the toppaper fortune, good luck
Red exclamation mark and question mark"I finish the healthy luck disease ... lightly"
... naki which seems to get sick even if lightTears
Everybody is careful about physical condition, too and is fun in one year of this year
Please spend timeThree exclamation marks (balloon)

Passage extension works was over

 A passage along the laboratory of tool narrow before became large.Three exclamation marks (balloon)
The board that the strange place greatly sets up a bulletin board
It became the whiteboardShiningly from cork.
I amThe proud-looking face which did judgment still locating it, but am easy to see it more in future now
As I think that I am laid out, I look forward to it.Three notes

Greetings of the New Year

All of you A Happy New YearKagamimochi
Thank you very much for your help during last year.
When today's Monday, January 6, 2020 was the first business day of the year in the bit, it became.Shiningly
I held "an expression with eyes of Dharma" this year.The face which is delighted at which winked

People having you see blog, all of affiliates

In this year thank you for your cooperation.Red exclamation markRed exclamation mark

News of the year-end and New Year suspension of business

There was it in various ways this year
There seems to be seeing the old year out thanks to all of you
People having you see blog, all of affiliates
Thank you very much for one year
I am as follows during the period of the year-end and New Year suspension of business of this year.
 Sunday, December 29 ~ Sunday, January 5
 I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like it with inconvenience to all of you.
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