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New Year's greetings

Thank you very much for your help during all of you, last year.
When Thursday, January 6, 2022 was the first business day of the year in the bit, it became.
And I held "an expression with eyes of Dharma" this year.

People having you see blog, all of the affiliates
I would appreciate your kind of continued support in this year.

Announcement of year-end and New Year closure

There was it in various ways this year
There seems to be seeing the old year out thanks to all of you.
People having you see blog, all of the affiliates
Thank you very much for one year.
I am as follows during the period of the year-end and New Year closure of this year.

Wednesday, December 29 ~ Wednesday, January 5

 I apologize to all of you for the inconvenience with inconvenience, but would like it.
Then have good age of everybody.

Tree of mandarin orange

 It's been a long time, it is Aoyama.
 It became suddenly chilly, but does a cold not go down?
 It is the great times as well as a cold in various ways, but I wash my hands some other time and gargle and want to get a grip by physical condition management.
 I enjoy a private vegetable garden in earnest for these past several years when I say I hato as it increased in the interval recently in a house. 

In this winter, I bring up a Chinese cabbage, a lettuce, a Japanese radish, spinach, garland chrysanthemum,

Not only vegetables but also the fruit is a desired place.

Speaking of fruit to want to eat while being warm with an interval, a kotatsu in such a house…After all, it is a mandarin orange ('▽` *)

…By saying this, planted the seedling of the mandarin orange approximately three years ago, but at last fruit became. (*'ω'*)

It seems to become sweet by the tree of mandarin orange reducing water to give, and hanging water stress, 

I think that he/she was brought up deliciously even if I do say so myself. Well done. It is/(/, ω)

A 5-year-old daughter likes mandarin oranges and is this winter enjoying mandarin orange picking in a house. 

Well, bring anything up next time (eat); yokanaa…

It was Aoyama of the dumpling than such a flower what. (`, ω,') ゞ dewamata

Camping after a long absence

 As the weather of the mountains of Nagano which went to the campground with a friend (≧▽≦) where Mount Myoko is looked around using Saturday and Sunday is variable....It was fine, and when wind and rain became intense, it was terrible, but Mount Myoko appeared blessed with weather on the second day! (^^♪
In the stressful world, I think that it is the secret that this time can keep motivation to work....
Then, it was S Hara.

The story that was commended

 Hello, everybody. I.Is H; (^-^)
Enter the company for the employee who had the achievement in the bit; and every five years
It commends it. As oneself enters the company, too, and five years pass,
I was commended in a management plan meeting held in September (≧▽≦)

Oneself at the time of the entering a company did not have an experience of the member of society much less the manufacturing if I recalled it.
May trouble the boss and a senior, but, meanwhile
I became able to handle various work little by little (^^) 

What not only I am supported, but also will just support in future
I was commended and thought that I would be necessary again. That's all.
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