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(*' ∀` *) no * * hello *.

 October 28 was a day of citizens of Gunma the other day.
In a school saying a rest on weekdays,
I went to Disneyland in families.
 I may say Halloween in the park,
Many people disguised themselves and swelled.
I love that space, atmosphere even if I go to several degrees.
Look forward to the day coming again in whole family
I am going to be devoted to daily work.
In closing, let alone cold influenza
All of you, please spend it being careful about a disease including a cold, too.
Oh, I crossed it and did it

In autumn (* no ω, *)


It is O acting in a part

It came to seem to be completely autumn



Close group of 7 at the age of the high school came to go for lunch triggered by a class reunion for approximately two years and went for lunch last week in the shop which a classmate did

It is a cheap restaurant, but French food is eaten if I make a reservation

I spent happy irreplaceable time with a full-course meal for two hours

It was delicious

A friend is good



I take stimulation and power from there again and try the work hard



It was O

I went for an employee trip (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

 It is I.R of the entering a company fifth month that is nice to meet you
It became cold suddenly….
By the way, this time when, by the way, we had an employee trip at the beginning of this month to Sendai
I go to various temples and eat beef tongue and observe the whiskey factory and perform it in the fisheries market and get on a steamship and enter the hot spring and…It was varied
It rained a little, but I ate really well and was the trip that I enjoyed a lot

I.R when I came home…
At the time of departure, it was the traveling bag which should have been able to afford…Overbuy the souvenirs to a family and a friend,
A return is return that I have around two bags of traveling bag + bags of the bread bun.
I was pulled to excessive quantity by a younger sister and a friend.
No, but there were such a delicious article or a pretty thing a lot
Sendai is really recommended

It becomes colder from now on…
Cold will let you vanish in a trip as much as both the heart and the body became hot
Reading nteitadaiteiru all of you do not break blog into physical condition, and let's do our best

I. It was R

Hello (^∀^)


I hate rain successively every day 

Please be careful not to break turn of the seasons physical condition.


By the way, I went to Kamikochi at the beginning of September.


Kamikochi is several years or a yellowtail.

It was the very best blessed with weather.

I made a kappa bridge, Myojin-ike Pond and trekking from the Taisho Pond.

The other world seemed to come very comfortably

In addition, I want to go at colored leaves time. ୧꒰*'꒳`*꒱૭✧



m.It was t.


Bowling meet (★>U <★)

A bowling meet in the company was held the other day
Everybody who won a prize again
After bowling, pull a lottery by order order; in a lottery
There were various kinds of cake and drink, miscellaneous goods…
Did everybody get the thing which I wanted?
By the way, when I say that a lottery is over…
After having worked…ha, n o(*^ ▽ ^*)o~♪
After having worked, I ate a lot and acquired stamina
It was really happy 1st
In addition, let's try work hard from tomorrow
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