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I was taken care of for half a year

After coming for a bit in the training, already for half a year. . .
I was taken care of for half a year
It was full of uneasy feelings before coming for the training,
Everybody was very gentle and became kind and told me and was able to complete the low byte that was a graduation problem belonging to safely
In addition, I had you see trouble in not only the work but also the private and was able to spend very substantial half a year.
Thank you

Another ten years

I enter the company, and it is ten years.
The company in front was doing cylinder abrasion mainly in the company of the die.
In the bit, knives (a low parttimer belonging to and molding of the tip) for the industry process various products.
When it entered the company, it was a machine to look at for the first time, but it was tired from early ... moving an arm all day to be used to a machine as it was a general-purpose computer
I could read the drawing, but time suffered from the drawing of the knife unlike the thing which I looked at so far to get used
I was used to the processing of the product with the angle of various knives now
Sometimes make the defectiveness, but ...
= 3 that the work except the manufacturing increases recently, and there is the thing which is not so good at it, but I study in various ways and want to try it hard
I did it under M.

White Valentine

It was the snow which was terrible on February 14
A lot of damage was reported in news, but was everybody all right?
The people whom it was met for various damage. I visit it than all the employees.
This year begins and is the second heavy snow
I felt this snow to be heavier than the last snow.
I am going to work, and a carport and a plastic greenhouse are broken with snowy heaviness, and ... nature is a menace
The bit was closed under the influence of snow on Monday on 17th, too (@ _ @;)
On Tuesday at first from snow shoveling. ... that new snow shoveling was great
Much snow is still left.
I go to work a little more with caution without relaxing and will go to school.
By the way, I found such a chocolate this year on Valentine's Day. Cute ...
Matryoshka doll chocolate! It is Yoshimoto ichi push
It is pleasure that I present it to general affairs girl, but see the face which I enjoy that I choose you and am pleased with every year.
It was good this year to have you please
(∞) / which was an origin of reason

Tool abrasion ... C-40

It is 2511 of the tool abrasion position.
Tool abrasion ... oneself processes blade charge account, sukui sides with a machine called C-40 mainly.
As C-40 is hand-operated operation, the cut speed is decided for own sense (((ρ (._.))))
I process it it is the speed that does not become poor and to process it efficiently as soon as possible while thinking every day.
I want to think from now on to process it efficiently
<nom de plume: 2511>

Cylinder processing

It is Miyake in charge of cylinder processing.
A new machine was introduced in evening of the last year
= 3 that it was uneasy, but was still getting used a little because I was inexperienced
Of the injury want to process it so that there is not it
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