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I come for the training!


) to thank you for your continued business in the training for half a year from October of this year)


It is ... for uneasiness for one or the uneasiness that the work is so, but and does the single life for the first time particularly can do human relations well before coming for the training

But I came for the training and joined in an employee trip in less than two weeks

It is very fun and feels like having got used to being near everybody! Only as for oneself, it is ?w

I am learning how to handle milling machine now!

It was oneself who does not understand handling of the machine, but you tell me from the beginning now and do easy processing


I am getting used to the single life soon and think as the atmosphere of the workplace is good that you should be able to get along for half a year as it is


I learn each process well and will try oneself future hard in future as I am going to learn various processes including the brazing to be able to keep it alive

I am in charge of a milling machine, machining center

I entered the company, and it was full four years.
I am in charge of a milling machine, machining center mainly.
I made many products so far.
On earth how much amount does it become?
As far as when own product which I made is used in various places and thinks about a helpful thing, I am glad in substantial four years
On the contrary, on the other hand, it makes much defectiveness in the company, and it is a fact to have troubled everybody
I reduce defectiveness and want to make a helpful product while carving on shoshimbo rerubekarazuo chest as it is the fifth-year turning point
<nom de plume> Oh, I crossed it and did it.

Begin brazing; and eight years

I am engaged in work of "the brazing", and it is another eight years.
Come over eight years, and it is difficult some other time; think that work
I think that own sense is most of.
I polish own sense while studying and want to try work of the brazing hard every day
It was MT.

Small small brazing

It was attracted by words of "the manufacturing" and had an interview in this company
Since then close three years ...
I am back deep ... and work
I am doing long-cherished manufacturing every day
I made a pretty small article recently
How about ... than the needle of the stapler?

Under brazing improvement

It's been a long time, it is Harada great gracious god
Low osuruyoninarimashita of the recently big product belonging to!
As oneself did not have low oyatta ji of this size belonging to yet, I took advice from seniors and referred low
I had you went for the next process and process it, and the place that saw a low aspect belonging to, the thing that could braze it well than I thought were good
I do my best with this condition
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