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Five years passed


I am doing manufacturing using the NC of the multi-axis.
He/she processes plural processes at a time when I begin processing and it is convenient, but has a hard time once as you must be often careful when you make a program
I process it while being careful about the movement of a drawing and the machine, various things including the whetstone.
I begin to use it, and it is approximately five years, but it is often own thing that I did not know and that I notice.
I will work hard at work every day in future to process various articles


<nom de plume> White cube

Under KEYENCE first unit operation!

Hello, it is Nagai.
It became the second appearance.
Recently the sign that becomes warm, and seems to move from winter to spring. . .
Rather is it spring now?
In our one, it is the place where a cherry tree is going to meet the full bloom from now on
By the way, let's introduce the newcomer who entered recently this time
[the KEYENCE first unit] I do it in this!
・・* Is ... during the memorizing now
Is it Lv.5?
I want to put up Lv. from now on!
To Lv.99, it is another 94
(during Nagai machine great admiration operation)



A ticket of UFC came


Is performed in Saitama Super Arena on March 3, but a main card is kneecap vanda Ray shiuba VS All American of the shiver, Brian Stan

It is skyscraper Stephane strike lube of Samoan monster man mark hunting VS octaGon in rice in


From Japan, okakenyushin, Takanori Gomi participate

As I can see the Major League of mixed martial arts raw, I am looking forward to very much


Than Harada great gracious god

Spring color

It is Miyake in charge of laboratory of cylinder cut mainly.
The red flower of the camellia in the small garden of my home bloomed
A colder day continued "a camellia" in the tree side in spring, but, like a character, spring came to be felt little by little.
Next of the cold is ... pollen
It seems to be particularly a lot this year
Terrible ...
So that the measures hasten it
It was Miyake.

Net cafe after a long absence

I went to the net cafe after a long absence to make a document of the blog with a PC
Though a meteorite fell to Russia on February 15, 1,000 injured people by the explosion seemed to exceed it!
When a meteorite converts the probability equal to the person into ... public lottery though I heard it somewhere than a public lottery hits most if low saying that a meteorite hit indirectly, I think that it is establishment as second-class, or the third prize hit.
I want to tell people who have had an injury about a visit, but think that a public lottery wants you to hit than a meteorite if oneself hits
It has taken time a little to drive the above-mentioned contents
I touched the keyboard and intended to buy even a PC after a long absence
     <nom de plume> 2511
■Business item
Cutting tool
・Brazing byte, total model byte
・I put a molding byte, a groove, and a circle works part-time
・Slotter byte
・Hale processing byte
・Slow away tip
・Molding tip, total model tip
・Special throw away tip
・Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
・Cutter blade, cutter blade
・Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
・Punch dice suritta
・Roll centerless blade
・Carp ring pin wire line guide
Brazing parts
・The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant
Design, production, sale of the special machine tool
Improvement suggestion of the knife
Cutting, abrasion processing of precision parts
343, Iwasome, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-62-1744
FAX: 0274-63-0865
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