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The fatigue cancellation law is ...

It was May
Very hot…
I will be anxious about summer by this heat now. Can you survive it?…
By the way, how does everybody relieve one-day fatigue?
One of my healing is pet of my home, Harry of the hedgehog
I begin to keep it, and three years pass, but do not take to you at all anymore
The most of the day spend time in cloth.
But it is single-mindedness in what time for daily meal, Harry at table are defenseless, and eat a stomach without having square it even if I touch it
This time is a time healed very much
Do take the one-day fatigue well? I want to connect it tomorrow.
I will do my best again tomorrow
It was O.

April 25! In a newspaper!

Jyomo Shimbun-sha publication
Good evening, everyone!
Is there the person who looked at the morning edition of Jyomo Shimbun-sha on April 25?
In fact, it is ...
Then it is n a jar!
A bit! It appeared in a newspaper!
I was rebuilding it, but am completed at last! !
I had you pick me up for goodwill of construction workers!
It is all the employees thank!
I have the family of the employee know it and am glad that I have you see it
"It appeared in a company, the newspaper of father. Great! Cool!"
I am really what glad if I have you say
Everybody, please come by a company briefing session in a renewed bit, too!
¨ which I wait for

Golden Week schedule

Hello, everyone!
April is ... in the latter half in no time, too
GW is already imminent if I notice
The GW schedule of the bit
From 28 to 30 on April
From 3 to 6 on May
It becomes in this
I am doing business well other than the schedule mentioned above
Thank you in advance!

A parking lot was done!

Good evening, everyone 
It became gradually warm
The pollen was relieved, too, and at last spring came to be felt with ... whole body outside
By the way, the other day,
Front parking lot was completed! !
When go down the stairs of the parking lot side; ...
The new entrance is an audience
With a seedling of the trees which I planted newly,
The bit wants to greatly grow up well, too!
Thanks in advance for your help, everyone!

It is ... neatly steadily the first factory!

All of you, hello with blog that you are watching
It is warm suddenly recently
The cherry blossoms became in full bloom, too, and the leaf has begun to already appear now and then at a stretch, too
It is spring in no time
By the way
In the bit first factory including the movement of the machine and the maintenance of the floor is ... steadily
It is easy to also use it neatly
It becomes
I look forward to seeing it being completed every day
On the other day, I settle cleaning at a stretch together and move
Fast-moving fast ... of everybody
When the cooperation system was great, in spite of being our company, I thought heartily
In the case of the visit to an office, please come to the bit to walk the shiny floor (laugh)​
It was M book.
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