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 I went to Zenko-ji of Nagano

Wanted to go, but cannot readily always go; ...

I went and worshiped for the first time this time

As a principal idol was a treasured Buddhist statue, I could not worship a figure, but a Buddhist memorial service just began and prayed in an inner sanctum.

The air was good, too, and a heart calmed down

I ate Shinshu soba after the worship in Nakamise Street in the front

It was delicious Shinshu soba ...

Both the heart and the stomach were met; want to go again


A nom de plume: It was UD

2017 initiation ceremony

The initiation ceremony of the bit of this year was held today.
 After the entering a company that receives a written appointment grant, and is official,
From the third-year senior employee,
"Please hear what you do not understand in anything. I will move forward together."
The words of the welcome that was warm in this were given.
 In addition, from Yanagisawa of the representative
"I do not give a result in the short term and want you to learn work in a long-term field of vision"
A message was talked about in this.
Finally powerful determination expression in the future is declared by a new face,
From all the employees, big applause was sent.
 I think very much for a while until I am used to work and a job,
Let's do our best together!

Capybara hot spring


I went to the Saitama child animal nature park!

I went for the first time, but it was very wide, and, let alone a various animal, there was the athletic and always performed animal events at a various place every every time and was fun at all

... that the limitation is ... capybara hot spring in winter


While looking at the capybara enchanted by capybara ... hot spring of the hot spring enthusiast in front (*' * `); ji…


I took the footbath (sho where ※ site is same)

The distance with the animal is very near, and the fence is minimal, and there are many places that can be in the place that an animal has the same as a person here!


Though it is such wide, I am beautiful without garbage yours sincerely everywhere even if I make a wall and the wall

An effort of employees was felt!

It has been healed on seeing the face which I patted the capybara and patted ... sheep and the goat, and ... animals were enchanted by

After all the animal is pure, and it is cute

In addition, I want to go to be healed



It was M book.

Hot spring

It is appearance ... in blog after a long absence
I had a compensatory day off by work on account of the work on Monday on consecutive Saturday for three weeks in February
As for the work on Saturday, a factory is quiet unlike usual times
The work progressed, too and was good
As there was not very the weekday rest, I was able to spend it slowly on Monday of the compensatory day off
I went to one-day hot spring ♨, but it was very not crowded and was able to relax
Taking a rest on weekdays is sometimes good
I had on a refresh vacation for one week in March
I am going to spend it going even to hot spring ♨ slowly
Nom de plume T.M

It is approximately ten years in this year

I entered the company in this year, and approximately ten years passed!
It might be various when I looked back…
I feel slightly full-fledged in 10 years…

Turn of the processing
Method of the processing
The choice of the whetstone
The article which slips off by temperature
Thing to process for the first time
An article to think to be more difficult
A tense article is full
Even if 10 grows old
Having to study still more
What you must experience is full
Other work will be so, too
Think that the work is difficult; nowadays
A nom de plume: I began a sealed letter issued by a shogun recently
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