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Goto who has a problem of the common customer…

Low detachment belonging to

A bond strength is weak,
A tip comes off.

Brazing gap

It is a gap between a tip and wig rests
(void pinhole) is made.

Bet crack

A bet crack (crack)
I get up.

Life is short

Tool life is short,
Exchange is necessary frequently.

Curve, distortion of the product

A curve and a curve, a distortion occur.

The minute joining

Parts are too small.
Too particular.

Clearance is severe

On low after the joining
Dimensions clearance is severe.

With low of Heiss

Heiss causes the hardness drop,
I influence the sharpness, life.

Business closing of the supplier

By the business closing of the low supplier belonging to
I am exploring a new maker.

One piece of article test product

As it is single-engine, I am declined with saying one piece of article.

Mass production correspondence is not possible

There are not mass production-response done facilities.
I do not get the strict promise of the deadline.

It is a short deadline

Correspondence is not possible on a short deadline.
I do not get the strict promise of the deadline.

Only as for the item on display…There is not a drawing

The materials of the tip are suggested by usage, too.
I write a drawing from the item on display and can process it.

I cannot induce and heat it

I do not get the heating method on the principle of the electromagnetic induction depending on materials.
I refer low by a heating method directly. (oxygen, gas burner)

Quality is unstable

The joining on the condition is possible in a high frequency low plane by the touch panel-style numerical control with. In addition, I keep a validity record, and the traceability is perfect, too.

Until the processing of low front and back belonging to

Cutting, the joining, heat-treatment is the start-to-finish production system to grinding it precisely and copes.

…In addition, let low denoo not to go well belonging to is not appreciated, and Goto settle together.

Touch panel-style numerical control high frequency low plane with
  A now slow away tip (the point of a sword exchange-type tip)
The customers used as a knife increase,
A tendency to reduction includes the tool manufacturer making a brazing byte.
[difficulty of the tradition of the low technique belonging to] is greatly related to it, too.
  Of the slow away tool solid in us
Assume the exact processing great expertise, but than a customer
I may have a lot of requests of the tool which you must braze,
With the characteristic of the technique here belonging to our low and the advantage of the tool with low,
What kind of merit is there for a customer?
I tell you about this.
Characteristic of the low tool with

Between the different kind metal can join it.

Low peculiarity technique belonging to
The brazing (English :BRAZING) is available for the joining between different kind metal such as iron, a casting or super hard tungsten cermet, stainless steel or brass, copper.
Because, unlike welding, I can join it without dissolving a base material between the different kind metal varying in a melting point,
As almost none of the big distortion and transformation gets up in the appearance
A base material shape plays an active part in the important parts very much.
Our company uses it for silver low o master having high stability, versatility belonging to,
Use, the management of the appropriate thing including flux low materials are thorough.

A bond strength is strong.

With electrode low by the induction heating
Even if a bearing area is a small micropart,
I do not easily come off for very strong bond strength, withstand pressure.
Therefore in jusetsusakukogu where the point of contact and an electrode, sensor parts, rigidity are necessary
There is much silver low ga belonging to and is used.
In addition, the melting point of the general "solder" for fusion at around 200-300 degrees Celsius and the low temperature,
Because the silver low melting point on is high with around 700-800 degrees Celsius,
There is heat resistance not to come off even if I use it under the high temperature.
The difference with the solder can be also known as difference in difference, strength of the melting point to assume 450 degrees Celsius a border.

I can weld microparts.

With minute low of the hard ball more than Φ 1
I keep a shape and a beautiful sight by a characteristic "not to dissolve a base material",
It is the specially exact joining that even microparts can weld neatly.
The low of minute parts is with it, and high technology is necessary.
I can join a globe of Φ 1.0 strongly in one point.
(cf. photograph)

Airtightness (occlusive) is high.

As, using a capillary phenomenon, it is a welding technology to dissolve low materials in the gap, and to be crowded, and to join,
Low materials flow, and internal airtightness (occlusive) is kept highly by getting.
As I can stop gas and a liquid leak, it is used in the plumbing parts.
Or I cut it off until an electric wave and am the technique that I cannot leak outside.


It is a cost cut by the reduction of the material cost

Low fusokata byte
・I change a wig rest and the materials of the tip and reduce a material cost
・Because it is not disposable, I can study hard again
・Only the point of a sword can regenerate a made-over kimono with weight, the tool with the size
・Several kinds of exchange-style part-time jobs that are necessary by a processing point are contribution for mass production, reduction of working hours at one total model byte

Sharpness, blade carrier, impact resistance

To Heiss slotter crush blade and a hammer
・I give a tool tenacity (tenacity) and interfere with betting it
Suggestion of the wig rest reducing the bibottom and adhering to
・The wig rest part resists the shocks such as crush, a crush, the hammer
・Heiss suppresses the hardness drop by a low temperature silver low technique belonging to, too

Processing side

As for the addition mechanic such as taps easily
・The minute addition mechanic to the wig rest including the screw can facilitate it
・It is hard to be influenced by dimensions clearance and aspect rough degree with the individual differences by the strength and weakness at the time of the installation by the person

The start-to-finish production system in the company

The start-to-finish production system in the company
・In being belonging to cutting, low, and fixing the start-to-finish production system in the company with seimitsukensaku, high-precision inspection facilities
I contribute to stable quality, cost cut speedy flexible correspondence and QCDF.
・With the made-to-order tool for exclusive use of the customer who cannot cope with the commercial tool
Suggestion of the most suitable tool only for customers

I cope with a meeting with Web, the online. Please consult.



mashiningu lathe
Machining center
The cutting produces a low wig rest part on.
As for the steel of large and small materials a milling machine and the latest machining center,
I make manufacturing using lathes.
Cutting is possible with the quenching steel which has been heat-treated depending on a condition.

With low (brazing)

With low
With high frequency low
Conventionally, of the brazing product that the low that I depended on experience and the perception of the craftsman for is with it, but the inspection is difficult
Digitizing, data propel becoming it for each product to stabilize quality.
I set data such as the output, time, the temperature in touch panel to a high frequency brazing machine,
I can let you join it under the same condition anytime.
High frequency brazing machine numerical control-style as for the facilities,
I use acetylene gas and blowtorch brazing with oxygen properly in conformity to a product.
Heiss (high-speed steel) who can cause the hardness drop performs an examination for all quantity hardness and is absolutely sure.

I grind a plane

Less than Ra0.01 to mirror-finish
Plane grinder
A tip and the wig rest which were referred low to in the plane grinder using diamond, CBN whetstone
I grind it at the same time.
The dimensions precision the submicron in ±0.001mm or less, the aspect coarseness in less than Ra0.01
I can make mirror surface finish.
Of the super hard knife of sheet thickness 0.15mm enabled grinding it.
In the cylindrical grinder of the outer periphery ground it, and can polish an edge face and the taper part.

The laboratory of profile cut (PG)

The shape that is super precise, and is minute is possible
Profile grinder
I perform o with complicated minute shape, blade which I cannot process by the naked eye in the profile grinder.
I am good at the minute processing that it is hard to process in the other companies,
I enabled the shape of tip R0.02 by technical improvement.

Examination for last

3-D measurement, optics-type microscope
2.3 dimensions of measuring instruments, coarseness, optical microscope
I give last test with the latest inspection facilities before the shipment.
I give attachment and the marking of the inspection list to the request of the customer.
I protect the points of a sword and I finish packing work carefully and become the shipment.

  I am belonging to horusorou,
On the day I have on the day you cope with collection of cargo quickly by arrival at item on display,
I was saved very much.
  Thank you.
(U mill Y)
 Kinds of the roll processing increase.
I gave the whole country a command, and dozens of did an inquiry, but it was declined on seeing all drawing that I increased one outside order saying "it is not possible".
 It is only your company that a story advanced.
 You have very high technology.
(Company F Y counselor)
 A trial product was well-done very much. Thank you.
After having your talk at a production engineering meeting,
The operating officer in charge of the technique by all means your technology
It is expected that I want to see it raw,
As I would like the tour of the plant, I would like it.
(Company Y M)
 After getting a wrong omission of ordering, ordering amount,
I had you processed the remainder immediately and deliver it and was saved very much.
 The user was the new customers, but from the user
"The quality is good, too, and the tool life has existing double, and the label is clean, too.
When the way of packing can be relieved to be reliable very much, too
I had you praise it.
 Business seems to be able to spread with the new customer.
Tell employees about thanks.
 (trading company K O)
Is it low hadekimasuka of Heiss (high-speed steel) belonging to?
Why is the quick correspondence, delivery of goods on the correct deadline possible?
What kind of products do you sell?
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