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Inherent technique of the laboratory of kontaringu cut

With the laboratory of kontaringu cut, I follow it in laboratory of outline cut and am said to be grinding it. I mold a whetstone as a work shape and do not let you push it and copy it and am a method to grind that a whetstone molds after the fashion of a shape of the work.
We studied an abrasion method suitable for the knife by machine remodeling and the improvement of the whetstone most so far.
I concentrated know-how of byte abrasion more than half a century and established laboratory of original kontaringu cut method here. Time to grind it became fast, and the finish figure tolerance rose markedly, too. There is the report that tool life came to last a long time 2 times than a tool made in other companies by improvement of the facing coarseness.
The special molding technology range is still a circle byte and a part of the slow away tip. There is not any shape, but makes an effort in order to enlarge the range.
In whetstone particle size #320, I realize facing coarseness Ra0 .025μm or less
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