Senior employee introduction

Mizuki Asano

Because the company's custom of the bit was comfortable

The Mizuki Asano entering a company third year
Please tell me the everyday duties contents
I grind a plane in a plane grinder.
Please tell me the reason that decided entering a company
It is the atmosphere of the company which I felt to be at the time of company briefing session and interview.
It was a small company, but it was family-like, and a unity was good and felt that I matched oneself.
Good place of the bit
It is me that I enter the company, and a day is still not long, but even I of such a new face am easy to suggest mind zukiya improvement plan, and it is in a form again, and it is the place that becomes easy to do own work more and more.
The worth doing of the work?
I make processing plan by oneself and am sense of accomplishment when a processing thing was able to be completed according to plan well.
What are you doing on a holiday?
I go to look for a ramen shop and play a game.
Aim of this season
I try so hard that reporting, contacting and consultation can keep strong.
The business-specific terminology studies well, too and comes to be informed by a person a thought for own processing well.
■Business item
Cutting tool
・Brazing byte, total model byte
・I put a molding byte, a groove, and a circle works part-time
・Slotter byte
・Hale processing byte
・Slow away tip
・Molding tip, total model tip
・Special throw away tip
・Heiss throw away tip
Knife for the industry
・Cutter blade, cutter blade
・Crush blade, fixed blade, rotary blade
・Punch dice suritta
・Roll centerless blade
・Carp ring pin wire line guide
Brazing parts
・The point of contact, electrode, abrasion parts-resistant
Design, production, sale of the special machine tool
Improvement suggestion of the knife
Cutting, abrasion processing of precision parts
343, Iwasome, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-62-1744
FAX: 0274-63-0865